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Dear My friends ….. First of all, Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will know about ” What is the best cell phone spy software that suit for you” and You will also get it for Cheap and 100% Risk Free as well as save your value time to research  a ton of sources on the internet. We did the hard work for you  by compared side by side main features each software. ….. We want to present you top 5 spy phone software 2014 that really works in the market today , All of them are well-known and can be trusted , OK just simply see in the comparison features each software as side by side and also have reviews in depth for top three ,Moreover we also let you know the scam report at the end of summary section too , We hope you will get the benefits after read this reviews and It may help you save your value  time and money!  …..Learn More About Our Cell phone Spy Product Before you go to see the details we though you come to see our website with different reasons  such as you are looking forward to buying some spy phone software for catch a cheating husband or wife , You want to keep an eye on your children, or even maybe monitoring employee mobile phone using, but before you decide to hurry out and invest your money, you must be sure that it will be contained the best function that suitable for you. …..You must have reviewed and comparison before decide to buy based of your demand  ,Here are some tips for you,The first important point is about your mobile system compatible such as ANDROID , iPhone, Symbian , etc.. The second is Data Spying , What type of data that you want to get from your target? (SMS, Call History , GPS) .The third is about the customer service and support in case you have any installation problem , Here are just simply a few of the questions you should be thinking Before you pay off. …..Do Not Worry ,All information that you want , It’s listed here for the most typical reasons that you should consideration included the comparison matrix that we have collected and researched what’s the best product for you. Do not waste you value time to find and compare anymore! ;-)

Here are the Factors that you need  to consideration.

Data Spying ………. Remote Control
Call Spying Event Transport
Location Spying Platforms
Reports Support
Security Refund Policy


Full Comparison Matrix for Top 5 Spy Software 2014

Products Mobile Spy ePhoneTracker FlexiSPY PRO Mobile Nanny


Data Spying
Call History
Address Book
Call Spying
Call Interception
Spy Calls
Location Spying
Location GPS
View On Map
Real-Time Tracking
Historical Tracking
Cell ID
Website URL
Password Secure
Password Change
SIM Change Alert
Legally Signed
Remote Control
Remote Control Utility
Event Selection
Delivery Timer
Delivery Events
GPS polling freq
GUI setting screen
Remote Uninstall
Remote Stop/Start
Remote Event enabling
Remote Timer setting
Remote GPS frequency
Remote Spycall Number
Event Transport
Email Relay
Windows Mobile
Device Changes
Skype Support
Phone support
Email support
Video Tutorials
Install Direct From Internet
Works Even If SIM Changed
Remote Uninstall
Accurate Call Duration
Refund Policy
(3 Month)
(per Year)
(per Year)
(per Year)
(One Time)
Over All Rated
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This section will review in depth for Top 3 Spy Software

: Mobile Spy(Highly Recommendation)

Over All Rate :

Customer Service :

Capability :

Price : $49.97 (3 Month)

The best choice that we selected is Mobile-Spy , Mobile Spy is the latest technology 2013. This software is perfectly stealth and operates independently. Incoming/outgoing text messages, emails, & call history will be record activities. So whether or not the user attempts to remove their tracks, the records will still be saved and uploaded. That will work with most types of smart phones such as the iPhone, Android. ,BlackBerry etc..

The software application on the internet that able to recorded activities, call logs and GPS tracking are immediately uploaded on your mobile spy account. To see the results, you just login to your secure account on the website. All Logs are shown by the categories and sorted browsing easily.

By the way , We recommend you purchase this item for three months only $49.97 which enough time for your spy activity. No need to buy a yearly subscription. ** However, If you want to purchase a yearly license, you will also receive a FREE 1 year license of Sniper Spy PC spy software. You will see the details from their website. Just click the downloads button below.

Mobile Spy has 100% money back guaranteed.

Mobile Spy



Mobile Spy is truly a best-in-class mobile technology. I’ve already recommended your spy software to lots of people! And thanks for giving me the opportunity to write my opinion for your website.


I was stunned by how efficient Mobile Spy is!I was able to listen to my girlfriend conversations and just about any thing she dose with her cell phone makes me know that she is very loyal to me.


Thanks to Mobile Spy Technologies for providing the great spying tools for an average women like me. It is definitely unique software. It’s not only the product, its a complete service. Thanks again!



: ePhone Tracker (Also Recommendation : Great Features at Lower Price)

Over All Rate :

Customer Service :

Capability :

Price : $49.97 (per year)

Why we selected ePhone Tracker for Rank  No.2 because it is cheap when compare with all the features of premium spy software like FlexiSpy that worth for your money , and you will pay them just $49.97 per year , only $4.16 per month!

ePhoneTracker is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor your spouse’s, child’s, or employee’s smartphone in real time. This unique system records every activity they perform in real time and sends the results directly to your e-mail. You will know the entire truth.

E Spy

. Testimonials

My wife and her girlfriend developed a very close relationship & started to go out at night quite regularly whist i stayed home with our young daughter, at first i thought that they may of been involved with each other, but with the help of the ePhoneTracker. I later found out that they both were out seeing other men. The news was pretty hard to take at the time, but i have found the courage to move on. The evidence i collected is now been used in obtaining custody of my young daughter.
P.S It happened to me, it could well be happening to you.


ePhoneTracker was easy to install and even easier to use, I caught my husband out a number of times and he has no ideas of how i did it. We are now getting on very well, and now he's always home on time & doesn't lie to me anymore.Thankyou ePhoneTracker very much!




: FlexiSpy Pro-X (Also Recommendation : The Best of The Best Features)

Over All Rate :

Customer Service :

Capability :

Price : $349 (per year)

We selected FlexiSpy Pro-X for the people who need to get the highest features that to be a full detective and This is a premium on the market today. You may pick this choice if you don’t care about the money, but you want to get the most information on your target with the premium feature such as you can see all records (incoming & outgoing), emails, call logs, real time GPS tracking, SIM change notification, remote listening (you are able to  hear on the phone’s environment), and greatest of all that is – LIVE call interception!, you can easily secretly listen into a live mobile phone call.

Not other software exists in the market which has all of these features. If you really need to the top of the spy the Flexispy PRO-X should be your only one choice. Please Note:  Call interception will never work with CDMA networks .Only GSM networks are supported.

Flex Spy Pro X has 100% money back guaranteed within 10 days.




I thought about hiring a Private investigator to follow my husband when i had concerns of him cheating, but it was going to cost over 5K for just one week, then a friend told me about FlexiSpy Software. This SPY Phone software has allowed me to Track his location, listen to his calls and view all his SMS's etc..
I know everything NOW.

Angry Janelle

We first bought the FlexiSpy Software to keep tabs on our teenage daughter to make sure she's not mixing with the wrong people or doing drugs, that wasnt the case but it has helped us to understand some of the problems she has been facing from peer pressure and allowed us to assist.
Thankyou FlexiSpy to help us!

Andrew & Samantha

. .



mobile spyMobile Spy is the Number One to offer the Best value for your investment with the product features after comparison with other products. Moreover, Mobile Spy provides Demo account  for you to see real account before purchase their product. .They have a great support center who dedicated to helping you. Many media attend to this product such as  CNN ,The New York Times , Los Angeles Times ,Reader Digest, Forbes and  much more! So this can guaranteed this software that high quality at the reasonable price.

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Mobile Spy

SCAM Report!

Anyway from our researched , we found scam report from SpyBubble about many negative reviews by their customer such as software installation problem , bad customer service etc. So please keep away from this product and we have rated this product just one star! The below are the real user reports that we found while we have researched on the internet.


“I purchased Spybubble on 10/13/10, and installed it on my spouse’s phone. I sent a complaint on 10/15/10 that I couldn’t get it to work. I sent another complaint on 10/17/10 saying it still didn’t work and I wanted a refund. It is now 10/19/10 and I have yet to receive any response from the company. I believe it to be a scam. They don’t have a phone number or a physical address and no one responds when you send a request for support.”


“Spybubbble is half scam and half truth. First of all Spybubble is a watered down rebranded clone version of flexispy. In other words it is a flexispy clone of the cheapest order. It works on certain phones only. It best works on android phones that have Granted permission for installation of none ‘Market software’. it does not work well on symbian. It does not work well on blackberries at all except for the older blackberries. It does not work on samsung bada operating systems. Does not work on linux phones. Works on some earlier windows 6.0 operating systems smartphones and not even well. And by the way on most phones the owner of the phone is going to be aware that there is something wrong with their phones. because stupid pop up and warning messages will keep appearing. Messages warning that an application is trying to access paid services. So most phones that have firewall installed will be able to let the owner know that there is some thing wrong. The bullshit 60 day money guarantee is a scam. If you used your credit card to make payment, they will fustrate untill you give up. If you ARE lucky and you used paypal, in many cases paypla will refund you. but after a lengthy 30 day period. The policy is over 60% of people who want refund never end up getting it. The buble spy team as they call them selves are too busy selling and not supporting their product. At the end of the Day if you have to buy a software that they pitch you with all bogus sales promotions and the software is not readily availabale untill you sign up to get access to it. . It is almost always a scam. I do not recommend people to waste their money on spybubble IT DOES NOT WORK FOR 80% of the time





Visit SpyBubble to read more details here :


Here are the final words that it depends on your decision before buying any products should be reviews as our table matrix will help you get more understanding what’s the right products.

Anyway our website just did for you to save your value time to research and Thank you so much again for your visit our website and we hope will get the best result about your spy phone activities. and if you would like to reviews spy phones software matrix  in details again please click below link.

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Thanks and Have a nice day!


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